Our Products

1 Sprits and Headpieces; Will be 33 x 45 finger jointed, calibrated and the hummidity decreased to %10 (+/-2) by ovening, made of LADIN WOOD material. There will be use, double sprits below the door, double sided strengthening sprits at the key places, and piece wedge for the balance at the corners.

2 Inner core; For door inner core material there will be used for both flanks Kadoma™(TSE) 3,175 gr / m2 2,1 kg/ cm1.4 mm caliber moisture soaked-up, for the homogeneous dispersion of the water steam in the construction while the pressing and for after the pressing for preventing the deformation of the door with internal holes, and then filling up both flanks with kraft-comb paper, also


3 Surface: There will be used 4,0 mm melamine plated panel. The door panel will be pressed both sided on the prepareted door construction after the plate is prepared.  

4 Glue and Pressing: The glue is normed as the E1 standarts and don`t contain carcinogenic ingredient. The products will dimensioned to after 24 hours of get pressed.

5 Casings; are manufactured of 41 mm thick composite sandwich panel. After finishing the rough casing, the melamine plates wich is used on the door surface provide the same naturally sight like the door by plating at tube winding mills.

6 Adjustable Moldings; will be plated with MDF Ontop Molding Melamine in the sections 80x12 mm for the casing sprits and 80x9 mm for the casing headpieces.